'Brothers in arms'

This is the Kyokushin page of of my good kyokushin friend Shaharin Yussof. I have learned a lot about Kyokushin through his Homepage, which I consider the best homepages about Kyokushin on the internet. I acknowledge, and I thank him for taking the time to make, organize and share with us that Knowledge. I also wanna thank him for his permission to publice articles of his homepage in our Musashi newspaper so that we can share this knowledge with others and also learn from others.
OSU !!


Very nice site of the Musashi Dojo. At the Musashi Dojo they train traditional Kyokushin Kyokushin, This independent gym is situated in the Netherlands and internationally apreciated, it is run by Sjaak van de Velde shihan.


This great Cobweb Of The Martial arts site is from my good friend Miriam Heijnen.
She is the designer of the Musashi internet shop for books, video's and CD's.
OSU !!


This great martial arts site is from my good friend Peter Vermeeren. He is the translater of the Spanish site of Musashi.
Kamikaze is the first free full color downloadable martial arts magazine in English, Dutch and Español.


A very informative site of René Bultje about kata, kihon, bunkai, seminars and offcourse kyokushin karate.

Take a look at this beautiful homepage in memory of Andy Hug and also of the Andy Hug foundation.